Vacation Rental Terms and Agreement


  1. BOOKING – Prior to Booking – Please be sure of when and where you want to spend your vacation in Southern Maine. Rental homes are privately owned and are all different in amenities and décor. Information about each property is provided by the Owner, and Countryside Rentals (“Agent”) is not responsible for its accuracy. We strongly recommend that you or someone who is familiar with your preferences view the property before you book. The Owner and the Agent are not responsible for unmet expectations. Rental Rate – Quoted weekly rental rate does not include Maine Sales Tax, Security Deposit, linens or towels. Change of Booking – Once a cottage has been reserved for a specific time, any request for a change of property or time period will be deemed a cancellation of the existing booking and request for a new booking. Rent will not be transferred from the original booking to the new booking. Both the cancellation and new booking will be subject to the payment and cancellation policies set forth in paragraph 2.
  2. PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY – Reservation Deposit – A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the rental (including sales tax and security deposit) must be received within 5 days of verbal reservation to confirm the booking .Payment of Balance – Payment of the balance owed (including sales tax and security deposit) must be received by Countryside Rentals at least 3 WEEKS prior to the check-in date. Returned Check Fee – There will be a $100 fee for returned checks. Returned checks must be replaced with cash or bank check within 36 hours of notification. Cancellation – There will be no refund in the event of cancellation, unless the cottage is re-rented. Cancellations made before the Final Payment Date: will forfeit all of the Reservation Deposit unless the cottage is re-rented. If the cottage is re-rented, 20% of the Reservation Deposit will be retained as a service charge and all other amounts paid to date will be refunded. Cancellations after the Final Payment date: (within the 3 week period) If the cottage is re-rented, 20% will be retained from the Rent Amount and all other amounts paid to date will be refunded. If the cottage IS NOT re-rented, you forfeit the full Rent Amount and the Sales Tax and Security Deposit will be returned. Early notice of cancellation increases, but does not guarantee, the likelihood of re-rental. Unscheduled Check-out by the renter, Countryside Rentals will withhold the entire rent and sales tax. Security deposit will be refunded.
  3. SECURITY DEPOSIT – The tenant is responsible for any damage, breakage and/or loss to the premises. Costs incurred as a result of such damage, breakage and /or loss shall be deducted from the security deposit. UPON YOUR ARRIVAL, please check the cottage for cleanliness and damage. Notify us promptly of any problems. You agree to leave the property in the same condition in which you found it upon arrival: no damage; cottage and yard neat and tidy; furniture returned to its original location; all dishes washed and put away; any spills wiped up; refrigerator, stove, toaster and/or microwave wiped out; bathrooms wiped down; all inside waste receptacles emptied and wiped out; trash removed from property; pet waste picked up and removed. The Agency will contact you to discuss any damage discovered by the Owner or the Owner’s checker. The security deposit is intended to cover most issues or damage. However, if damage exceeds the security deposit amount, you agree to pay the additional expenses. Within 14 business days after check-out, your security deposit will be returned in full, unless some or all is withheld to cover damage, in which case an explanation will be provided. Amounts to be withheld, if any, are determined by the Owner and may result from, without limitation, late checkout, trash left behind, loss of dump pass, necessity for more than usual cleaning of cottage or grounds.
  4. COTTAGES FOR SALE – If a cottage is listed for sale at the time you accept the rental, you agree to allow brokers from Exit Key Real Estate, Inc. and other agencies to show the property to prospective buyers at reasonable times with advance notice. If the property is sold prior to your occupancy and the new owner does not want to honor your rental agreement, you will receive a full (100%) refund. At your request, Countryside Rentals will try to find you another rental subject to availability and any differences in price.
  5. HEALTH, SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE – The Agent is not responsible for the condition or safety of cottage properties. If you notice a condition at the cottage that might pose a health or safety risk, please notify the Agent as quickly as possible. The Owner and the Agent reserve the right to make repairs as necessary and to enter the property with reasonable notice, or without notice if you cannot be reached.
  6. DAMAGE AND NUISANCE – The Owner and Agent are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your belongings while at the rental property. You may wish to check your homeowner’s policy and/or arrange for travelers’ or renters’ insurance to cover such casualties. Moreover, the Owner and Agent are not responsible for Acts of God, fluctuating water levels (e.g. flooding and/or submerged beaches or docks), or nuisances (e.g., but not limited to, noise generated by nearby construction, logging, boats or social gatherings). Amenities are sometimes damaged during the course of the summer season and may not be repairable or replaceable within a particular rental period. Accordingly, the Owner and Agent do not guarantee the availability of specific amenities. No refunds will be issued for any of the foregoing occurrences.
  7. LIABILITY – If a maintenance problem develops at your cottage, we need to inform the owner and have it remedied. Therefore, it is your responsibility to notify us, the rental agent, as quickly as possible. Owners and agent reserve the right to make repairs as necessary, and to enter the property with reasonable notice, or without notice if you cannot be reached. Maintenance malfunctions are not predictable but will be fixed as soon as possible. You agree to indemnify and hold Owners and Agent harmless against any and all maintenance inconveniences. Amenities that are damaged over the course of the summer may not always be repairable or replaceable within the time frame available; we cannot guarantee the condition or availability of any particular item. The Owner and Agent make no representation as to the soundness or safety of any beach, boat, float, raft, deck, walkway, dock or mooring that may be available for your use or the use of your guests. The use of such amenities constitutes a representation that the use is within the competence of the user and an acceptance of any and all risks associated therewith. The Owner and Agent are not liable for any property damage or personal injury that may arise from such use. You agree to indemnify and hold the Owner and Agent harmless against any and all loss, claim or damage, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses, that may arise from your use of the property including, without limitation, use of the amenities described herein above.
  8. ARRIVAL – If arrival after 3:00 pm is anticipated, it is imperative that you call Countryside Rentals A.S.A.P. for key pick-up arrangements. (207) 636-2222×4.
  9. OWNER’S RULES FOR USE OF PROPERTY – Telephone – Not all cottages have telephones. If there is one available, long distance calls must not be charged to the Owner’s telephone. Such calls should be made collect or charged to your home phone or, credit card. Pets – If pets are not allowed, that includes pets belonging to your guests. Wood Fires – Do not split wood inside the cottage. No outdoor fires will be permitted on the premises, except in conventional containers. Large Gatherings – Large gatherings such as house parties, family reunions, birthday parties, cook-outs, etc. are absolutely not allowed unless approved by the Owner prior to booking. Sub-letting­ – Subletting is not permitted. Tents and RV’s – No tents or RV’s may be occupied by anyone in your party without prior permission. Occupancy and Day Guests – a limit of overnight occupancy and daytime visitors is set by the cottage owner based upon the capacity of their septic system. We have the right to immediately evict renters and their guests if they are exceeding the allowed numbers. If evicted, you are not entitled to any rent refund. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE ANY COTTAGE! $100 will be withheld from your security deposit for smoking inside any rental.

    Water Quality­ – In order to maintain water quality in the lakes and ponds, a limit for overnight occupancy and daytime visitors is set by the cottage owner, based upon the capacity of the septic system.

    Boating – Maine and New Hampshire laws require that all children aged 10 or younger must wear life jackets while in a watercraft on the water. A life jacket must be available for use within the craft by all boaters older than 10. These laws apply regardless of whether life jackets are supplied by the owner. NOTE: It is illegal to transport any aquatic plant on a vehicle. All plants and plant parts should be removed from boats, motors, trailers, floats, etc. before launching and after hauling boats and related equipment out of the water. Please promote safety and help protect water quality by obeying these laws.

    Disturbances – Any disturbance resulting in neighborhood complaints or police action shall cause the tenancy to be terminated and all monies forfeited.

    Enforcement – The Agent reserves the right to enforce the foregoing rules and may evict Renters and their guests when it is deemed necessary to protect the Owner’s property and rights.

  10. CHECKOUT – The dump pass and key must be deposited at the Countryside Rentals office no later than 11:00 am on the day of check-out to avoid a $50.00 dump pass charge and/or a $25.00 key charge. Please leave cottage clean for the next vacationer. THANK YOU!!Have a safe, happy and healthy summer vacation.


  • UPON CHECKING IN: (or at anytime during your stay) If you notice anything damaged or broken, call Countryside Rentals right away at 207-636-2222 Ext#1 so that it can be noted.
    > Keys must be returned to our office (unless told to do otherwise) or a $25.00 key charge will be deducted from your security deposit.
    > Once you return the Key you are not to return to the cottage.
    > Dump passes received from us must be returned to us at check out or a $50.00 dump pass charge will be deducted from your security deposit. If the dump pass was at the cottage – then it must be returned to where you found it.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to leave the cottage as you found it, clean and ready for the next guests. Cleaning supplies are provided at the cottage. Someone will check the cottage after your departure. If additional cleaning is required after your check out, a cleaning fee (amount determined by the person checking) will be deducted from your security deposit.
    > Vacuum/Sweep/Wash floors.
    > Make sure kitchen is cleaned & all surfaces are wiped down.
    > Make sure there is no food left in the following and they are wiped out: fridge, stove, oven, toaster ovens, microwaves, toaster and make sure that there are no coffee grinds left in coffee makers.
    > Make sure that the bathroom(s) have been thoroughly cleaned.
    > Make sure stovetop, oven & outside Grill(s) are clean.
    > Make sure that the yard is picked up, such as… picking up cigarette butts, bottle caps, dog poop, etc. from yard
  • Make sure ALL lights are out, ALL windows are shut/locked & ALL doors are locked (unless key is to be left on table).
  • Make sure that all trash receptacles inside the cottage are empty & wiped out and trash is removed from premises using the dump pass provided (unless you have chosen ahead of time to use our service of having your trash picked up). Leave trash in plain sight please.
  • PICK-UP SERVICE ~ FOUR – 30gal.bag limit please for this service. Please put returnables and aluminum in a separate bag (not counted as 1 of the 4) and have trash out for pick-up no later than 10am… THANK YOU!
    > Acton transfer station ~ (207) 636-3108, Located off H Road, Open: Mon 8-2, Wed 10-4, Sat 8-4 & Sun 12-4
    > Shapleigh transfer station ~ (207) 636-3688, Located off Rte 11 / Shapleigh Corner Road, Open: Tues 9-4, Thurs 9-4, Sat. & SUN. 8-4


Leave a message explaining your emergency and a number you can be reached at & someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the cottage, enjoy the lake and HAVE FUN!